Le Walking Delta

Authors: Kévin <mailto:document@redacted.id>

Date: 2021-07-18


I posted a photo this afternoon of the worst kind of people flooding the streets and jamming into the shop I was going to, because you know, I live here and I need to by food.


Idiots everywhere - https:kevin.oh.mg/2021/07/17/le-walking-delta.html


Granted I live in an area where there are all kinds of protests all the time, in fact most of the time it's educational, there are quite a few protests in front of "Délégation interministérielle pour l'égalité des chances des Français d’outre-mer et la visibilité des outre-mer" which is up the road from me.


But these people, these plague rats, pro-virus, disease incubators, are literally the worst set of crockpots mixed in with the extreme right shitbags like Florian Philippot, screaming of liberté for themselves and fuck the liberté of others not to die. They even had the audacity to shout "soutien les soignants", because the government demands that if you're in a field of science and care of the vulnerable, you have to be vaccinated to avoid, I don't know, harming those in your charge (that would be THEIR liberté to not get their lives fucked up of course).


I'm sure that there are people there for other reasons, and not just because reptile Bill Gates is trying to monitor them with the 5G chips that scramble their minds. But seriously, really not the best set of dickheads to team up with, there are A LOT of reasons to think Macron is an utter twat and voice that, but pick your friends better.


As this post is basically now just a rant at this point, I was quite abrupt with these dickheads, if you feel that you deserve a special pass to be outside of society but demand you get respect, quite frankly you can get fucked. In the supermarket I just pushed past these dickheads, not hard to spot really, half their face was dangling out of a half assed mask. Blocking the cheese I want ? move ! Waiting to get in ? fuck you ! I have shit to do and you're probably not going to be off life support for that much longer #Shrug #YouDoYouButSomewhereElseThx


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