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Authors: Kévin

Date: 2022 04 24


Here at OH.MG / free.mg / federal.tel / thefed.tel Interweb Networks we have internal email systems that are quite glorious.


Addresses @thefed.tel are provided for verified users, there is no webmail, POP, IMAP or SMTP access and outbound emails are heavily filtered. Be kind when emailing somebody @bbs.free.mg as your content should be plain text only.


@free.mg, @oh.mg, @federal.tel, and @om.gay addresses are more exclusive and operated on a seperate server.




The email servers deploy strict rules on known SPAM sources and severe delivery delays on bad neighbours.


Extended delivery delays and deep filtering :


Outright blocked :


The comprehensive list of disposable email domains




TLS is insisted on where possible on the internal network, externally MTA-STS records are published to encourage its use (although it can't be guaranteed the sending service will actually do it)




Contact info


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