Gmail - The Largest SPAM Sender

Authors: Kévin

Date: 2022 02 09


Gmail is pretty arbitrary when it comes to what email it will deliver to its users, worst is that it'll do it as silently as possible.


If you're not using Google Mail to contact somebody on gmail, you're almost guaranteed to be utterly fucked. They do it to "prevent spam" but the joke is, of all the SPAM that most people receive it comes from Gmail and Outlook. Gmail being the top dog on this one.


This is why the decision was made to perform extra scanning on messages that come from Gmail, this includes a heavy delay to pick up new SPAM trends.


If you're contacting somebody on the BBS or contacting me, don't use Gmail, not even for your own privacy but because the internal mail servers here will not treat your email well.


Get a better email provider


There are so many better providers than that of Big Data, here are a few :



Infomaniak (CH)

ProtonMail (CH)

Tutanota (DE)

Disroot (NL)

Onmail (US)



Posteo (DE)

Runbox (NO)

Mailfence (BE) (DE)



servetheworld (NO)

WebSupport - ex Binero (SE)

1984 ehf (IS)







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